Future Projects

MA’AT MATTERS plans to initiate and implement the following projects. For a complete timeline of implementation, for more information about a project, or to get involved with particular projects you are interested in, please visit us at our website, maatmatters.org or contact us at: School Library Project Community organization/leader documentation project Art in the community initiative Workforce development Education

Maat Gatherings

MAAT MATTERS hosts quarterly social gatherings at various venues throughout the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area. The purpose of these gatherings is to bring together artists, activists, educators, service providers, and other individuals working on social justice issues and to provide them with the opportunity to share their experiences, showcase their work, solicit advice and

Project: Stories of Reclamation

MA’AT MATTERS, in collaboration with community-based organizations, such as Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS) in Berkeley, California, developed and initiated the Stories of Reclamation Project. Stories of Reclamation is a performing and visual arts program for homeless families in shelters, youth and adults involved in the criminal justice system, and youth aging out of

Maat’s Mission

MA’AT MATTERS, in partnership with the Afrikan Children’s Advanced Learning Center (ACALC) and the KEMET Foundation, is working to develop, build, and sustain a community garden at the ACALC. The overarching goal of the garden project is to promote wellness, community building, and education through youth leadership. The youth leadership is mainly provided by