Maat’s Mission

MA’AT MATTERS, in partnership with the Afrikan Children’s Advanced Learning Center (ACALC) and the KEMET Foundation, is working to develop, build, and sustain a community garden at the ACALC. The overarching goal of the garden project is to promote wellness, community building, and education through youth leadership. The youth leadership is mainly provided by the students who attend the ACALC and secondarily by students affiliated with other MA’AT MATTERS activities and projects. The ACALC is a 4th grade to 12th grade private school located in a West Oakland neighborhood. The ACALC’s students are primarily African Americans who come from inner-city communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aside from its overarching goal, additional goals of the community garden project include:

  1. Growing healthy food for the school and the community
  2. Producing food for sale
  3. Developing community connections with other community farmers
  4. Developing sustainable projects based on health and wellness
  5. Teaching nutrition and meal preparation
  6. Using food to celebrate culture, health, and community reclamation
  7. Promoting and developing youth leadership and community building