Project: Stories of Reclamation

MA’AT MATTERS, in collaboration with community-based organizations, such as Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS) in Berkeley, California, developed and initiated the Stories of Reclamation Project. Stories of Reclamation is a performing and visual arts program for homeless families in shelters, youth and adults involved in the criminal justice system, and youth aging out of foster care. The goal of this project is to provide it’s participants an experience through creative expression and performance that demonstrates that their voice, life, and experiences matter and that through the creative process – new life possibilities unfold.  The project’s design focuses on helping people create songs and stories about their lives, their experiences, their hopes and their dreams. The desired outcome is for people to imagine new lives and to have their voices heard through their writings and performances.

The Stories of Reclamation project currently anticipates serving families at Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (BOSS), in Berkeley, CA, youth aging out of foster care at Beyond Emancipation in Oakland, CA. and women coming out of prison through the Rising Voices program in San Francisco.