MAAT MATTERS (MM) is a consultancy group and non-profit organization  designed to assist community organizations, institutions, and foundations with program development, assessment, and implementation, as well as, strategic and sustainability planning and documentation.
We believe that ordinary people can and do have the voice and agency to affect changes in the socio-political and economic complexities that impact our lives. All of our work is based on the premise that the interweaving of personal and political consciousness with action produces organic leadership, and profound personal, organizational and social change. We use a multi-disciplinary, holistic and social justice approach.
For over thirty years, our team has held positions of leadership in organizing, education, restorative justice, employment, trauma and violence prevention, and global citizenship. We have founded and developed high schools; expressive and community arts programs; local, national, and international micro-enterprises; adolescent and community health services; family literacy projects; youth leadership organizations; and juvenile justice reform initiatives.
MM functions as a comprehensive team. All projects are reviewed by the team and benefit from the collective expertise of its members. The most appropriate team members are selected to facilitate specific projects. Detailed descriptions of past projects by individual members are available upon request.
We facilitate experiences that develop community and bring forward individual/group realization and transformation for the purpose of creating effective and sustainable solutions to social inequities and injustice. Some examples of our available curricula include:
• A 6-week youth leadership development curriculum
• An 8-week planning tool for creating a college-going, community-school culture
• An 8- or 16-week course in self development and identity formation
• A 4-16 week culturally responsive/conscious parenting curriculum
• A 1-2 day facilitation for providers of services to children of incarcerated parents
• A 5-day restorative justice/arts and creative writing program for incarcerated people
• A 3-12 week facilitation of archiving organizational stories
• A 12-week workforce preparation and development curriculum for chronically under- employed transitional age youth and adults
Areas of program development include:
Individual/societal trauma resolution
Adolescent treatment modalities
Intervention services for children facing multiple barriers to learning.  Employment and job readiness assessment
Culturally-responsive parenting and community-based counseling services
Customized (population-specific) program/curriculum development
Use of the arts as a medium for the development of self, consciousness and character
Youth leadership and social consciousness development; individual, group
Establishing and sustaining micro-enterprise